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Centofanti Digital


Centofanti Digital is made in Italy.

Day by day we gain significant professional experience, face extraordinary challenges, deliver outstanding results and exchange with many cultures around the world.

And we love doing it.

Our approach

The sweet spot of innovation is something in between Business Development & Innovation, Design Thinking, and Lean & Agile Engineering. 

That's where we play. 

We start with empathy. Customer centricity is key from the very beginning of a project: it enhances creativity to generate innovative solutions, it overcomes immobility and explores spaces you've never been before.

Our approach is highly iterative and enables us to deliver professional awesomeness.

There are 3 main phases: Discover, Design, Deliver. Let's have a closer look at it.


Where it all begins.

Common understanding (scoping)

We need to be on the same page and get a common understanding.
Many questions will be asked and a lot of thinking made together with you.

360° research

Quantitative and Qualitative. Research is all about gathering raw, unstructured data without jumping to conclusions.


We structure and analyze the information collected. Outcome: a compelling, actionable problem statement.


The next steps turn the knowledge we’ve gathered into a tangible, achievable outcome.


Brainstorming ideas – imagine possibilities!


The first step to feel an idea.


We collect your feedback on the concepts and prototypes created for you.


It is time to go live!


One by one every task will be brought to completion to obtain the first
Minumum Viable Product (MVP).
Based on the requirements we go for Agile or Waterfall project management.


We solicit feedback about the MVP created for your users.
Every feedback will be taken into consideration and the product reviewed until its release version.


We are now ready to become operational, refine processes and implement the strategy. Resilience will be key to success.

Centofanti Digital's Mission


Dominant digital platforms,
e-commerce and websites.


E-business acitivites nationally and globally, maximizing sales and customer satisfaction.


Digital content for our customers in order to boost revenues.

Take control of your business future.
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